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"First Time" Cleaning

Kitchens: Sinks, faucets, (clean, dry, polish) no water spots. Clean inside and outside microwave, outside refrigerator, stovetop, vent hood, outside dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, ALL appliances, outside all cabinets, shelves, closet drawers, all light fixtures, fans, window cells, baseboards, blinds, and vents. Vac, sweep or mop. Check for streaks. Towel dry is best. Make sure to clean out corners and under cabinets.
Bedrooms & Family Rooms: Hand wet wipe light fixtures, fans, window cells, baseboards, blinds, mirrors, pictures and wall decor. Pick up to polish all cabinets, shelves. If bed is wood polish. Vacuum sweep or mop.
Bathrooms: Commode hinges, commode-inside, outside, top, bottom and base. Sinks, bathtub, shower, shower door, curtain. All cabinets, shelves, baseboards, blinds, faucets, soap dishes, paper holders, mirrors, window ceils and light fixtures. Vacuum, sweep and mop.
Laundry Room: Inside, outside washer and dryer. Empty lint trap. Sweep down all webs and dust. Clean all cabinets, shelves, tables and sinks. Sweep and mop.
All Rooms: Clean door, facings, pictures, wall decor, light fixtures, bulbs, fans, door knobs, door hinges, ceilings, baseboards, window ceils.

Normal Clean

<All Rooms:Sweep, mop and vacuum. Dust furniture, ceiling fans, blinds and window ceils. Cabinet tops wiped down. Trash removed to outside. All mirrors cleaned.
Kitchen:Appliances wiped down, stove top cleaned.
Bathroom: Fixtures cleaned
Bedrooms: Bed sheets changed if laid out, all beds made.